Elements of Design – Unity

When Interior Designers use the word unity, they are talking about the harmony in the space, achieved when all elements of design have been carefully considered. You will hear this word used a lot amongst Interior Designers, especially during client briefing and concept development. When unity is achieved, the outcome is a cohesive floor plan that expresses the design language desirable to both the client and designer. In this article I’ll explain how designers can apply colour, texture, line and form in a variety of ways to achieve unity.

Image courtesy of http://www.deroseesa.com/project/the-courtyard-house

In ‘The Courtyard House’, a white, black and timber colour scheme has been used throughout. All walls and cabinetry are white allowing for a smooth transition from room to room. The black metal framed doors and smaller accents like the matte black tapware, door handles and hinges add contrast against the white, and help link the dark furniture pieces (like the aged leather armchairs) to the rest of the room. Aged materials like wood and leather and textured furnishings soften the ultra-modern, formal feel of this home. Without these elements of contrast the home may appear monotonous.